The Innovative One Handed Food & Drink Solution

The Innovative One Handed Food & Drink Solution

Now available for sale in Australia! The Grub Tub allows consumers to easily carry a food and drink combination in one hand!


Now available for sale in Australia! The Grub Tub allows consumers to easily carry a food and drink combination in one hand!

About Grub Tubs

About Grub Tubs.......


The Grub Tubs patented design allows consumers to have their favorite food and drink combination in one hand, creating a never-before-seen convenience for food and drink combinations on the go. The Grub Tub can hold hot dogs, hamburgers, pizza slices, chips and sauces and, this is the clever part, they fit on top of most standard bottles, cans and various sizes of stadium style cups. Great for catering at events such as festivals, Royal Shows, Trade shows, sports venues and stadiums, in fact anywhere where people are going to be on the go. The Grub Tub is offered in 2 sizes, a round version with 40oz capacity (bottles only) and a rectangular shape that has a 60oz capacity.

The Grub Tub attaches to bottles by simply screwing the Grub Tub onto the top of the bottle, inserting the straw and then adding your food. To attach to a can (60oz rectangular Grub Tub only) simply open the can, insert the straw through the centre hole so that a few centimeters is available underneath. Slide the straw into the can and then slide the Grub Tub down and with a slight push it will connect to the top of the can ready for the food.


The Grub Tub is ideal for commercial operations. It has been credited with increasing sales at many venues due in part to the fact that vendors can easily up sell additional meals and beverages as well as offering combinations. It's new and innovative concept is guaranteed to attract attention and bring increased sales. 

The Houston Chronicle described the Grub Tub as "the greatest invention in food service since mankind discovered fire" and it has had over 1 million likes on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. The Grub Tub was also a finalist in the 2018 World FOOD Innovation Awards.

Value Added Benefits

· Convenient for Customers to Eat & Drink at the Same Time

· Round GRUB TUB size is 40oz

· Round GRUB TUB works with selected plastic or paper cups along with traditional soft drink bottles

· Square GRUB TUB size is 60oz

· Square GRUB TUB works with selected plastic or paper cups along with traditional soft drink bottles & cans

· Manufactured Using Recyclable PE Material

· GRUB TUBS are reusable (Hand Wash ONLY & they are NOT Microwaveable)

· Up Sell Additional Meals & Beverages

· New and Innovative Concept Guaranteed to Attract Attention

· Fully Patented Design

· Both sizes come with 33cm flexible reusable straw.

A word on Pricing


The Grub Tub will come to you with a 33cm flexible, re-usable corrugated straw. As the unit fits on top of the standard 600ml drink bottle the additional height with the straw is recommended. Grub Tubs come in a sleeve of 50, or carton of 200, Straws are in bags of 50.

Quantity & Pricing

Pricing is $1.80 per unit. Please email for a reduced price if you need more than 200

Quantities on a carton of 200 can be mixed to give you 100 of each design plus the straws. 

Who Uses Grub Tubs?


The Grub Tub has been widely accepted and used in a number of different venues within the USA. They can be found at 7-Eleven stores and they are also used by some of sports biggest franchises including the likes of the New York Yankees, Boston Red Sox, Houston Rockets, Green Bay Packers and the Washington Redskins

A little bit of news

Grub Tubs Australia & Fiesta de Tequila

Grub Tubs will be available in Perth at Wolf Lane for the Fiesta de Tequila event that is to be held Friday 3rd, Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th May. Here's a  pic of the combination on offer, Margaritas in the base with an option  to “pimp your marg” with tapioca pearls and juices with Nachos in the  Grub Tub.

Wolf Lane Fiesta de Tequila

Wolf Lane Fiesta de Tequila

A little bit more news

Grub Tubs Australia & WAMFVA

Happy to announce that Grub Tubs Australia has become a sponsor of the WA Mobile Food Vendors Association (WAMFVA) see their website 

With the diversity of food available from these vendors it will be wonderful to see what they can offer up with the Grub Tubs. I look forward to seeing and tasting some of their food.


Shipping and Other Information

A word on shipping and Payment Options......


We have tried to keep the shipping as low as possible. A carton of 200 units will cost an additional $49.95 or the carton of 50 units will be 27.95 which will be added at checkout. 

All items will be shipped using by courier so please provide a daytime delivery address at checkout.

Items are shipped from Perth so please allow 8-10 days for delivery to Eastern States addresses. 



Credit Card

Bank Transfer

C.O.D. (Perth metro only)

A note about the 40oz Black Round Grub Tub is ONLY suitable for bottles and selected stadium cup sizes only. 


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